Lowriding At Legion Park in Woodburn

Portland might be the whitest city in America, but don’t let labels fool you. Just thirty miles south, sits one of the largest Latino populations in the Northwestern United States–Woodburn. Contrary to Portland, Woodburn boasts a population that is more than 60 percent Mexican/Mexican-American. It is home to the championship middle school soccer team The Read More

At Least Obama Acted Presidential

Say what you will about Obama, but at least he was presidential. Love him or hate him, at least he never bragged about grabbing women by the genitalia, degraded minorities, or lambasted long time allies within hours of sustaining a terrorist attack. No, President Obama would have offered words of hope and encouragement. He would Read More

Trump’s Dangerous Big Government Conservatism

The following originally appeared at Bold in February 2017.  Dangerous people have existed in the past. Dangerous people will exist again in the future. But at this place, at this time, Donald Trump is perhaps the most dangerous. Like a bull in a china shop, Trump has not only alienated millions with his rhetorical brimstone and Read More

The Social Significance of ‘Lowriders’

The following column originally appeared at Bold in 2017. The airbrushed murals. The candy paint. The warm breeze that slaps you across the face when the hydraulic pump springs you high into the heavens, all as curious onlookers gather on the corner to point and admire. Yes, nothing beats the excitement and attention you get Read More

Notes From An American Prisoner

The following was written as an ode to Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It was a Writer’s Digest Prize winning essay in the category of narrative non-fiction in 2014.  I am a loving man, soulless by disposition; a forgiving man, vindictive by circumstance. I am an innocent man, but I am a monster. Another might say I am two Read More

Fear and Loathing At The Altar of Reagan

The following piece was originally published at a student journal in 2012, but taken down by editors after Republican donors complained and threatened to pull funds. It has since been edited for brevity.  We were somewhere around Amelia Island when the fine wine began to take hold.  I remember leaning over to one of my colleagues and Read More

Esoteric Gloom

So you feel the way I do Feel dangerous feel lethal Always lied to always used Feel happiness feel peaceful We’ll I’m thinking me and you Aren’t like the other people I’m so grey I’m turning blue I’m so good at being evil Isn’t is beautiful Isn’t it everything Finally a chance to dream away Read More

Dear Jen

Dear Jen Tears are running down this chin again As in darkness we descend I gaze afar and I wonder how you are Here miles away from it all with this guitar And old winds whisk by And still I wonder I wonder if I’ll ever see you again And sometimes I listen to the thunder Read More

The Beast Inside Me

I’ve seen rivers and streams Breathless in a stall Forgotten like a rotten porcelain doll It seems despite my dreams And wishful winds that call The brightest stars are always first to fall Well hope it turns out that I’m wrong Hope this beast burns out and calms Hope somewhere some sun will break Hope Read More

Charles Darwin’s Free Market Wisdom

The following originally appeared at The Washington Times Communities, which is now defunct.  Charles Darwin has never drifted far from political or scientific discussion. Over the decades, his book “The Origin of Species” has been both widely embraced and condemned, and worse, largely oversimplified. Findings from two recent studies centered on some of Darwin’s most Read More