Frost: The Rise Of A Chicano Rap Legend

Hip hop might have first emerged in the 70s against a backdrop of cocaine fueled optimism, but the commercial pinnacle of hip hop emerged in the 90s against a backdrop of uncertainty—a tumultuous age that likewise gave birth to the Los Angeles riots and hundreds of gang related homicides each year. The latest incarnation of hip hop, which the media would dub “gangster rap,” not only terrified middle-class America at


Watch: The Many Sounds Of Hip Hop

Hip hop may have began with a handful of Bronx youth in the 1970s, but as it spread across the United States during the 80s and 90s, hundreds of artists emerged. As a result, hip hop developed various styles, each geared toward a different demographic and geographic location. The following video showcases those styles. Can you tell the differences? Brandon Loran MaxwellBrandon Loran Maxwell is a Mexican American writer, speaker and